Feature: Room Inspiration Ideas (Tumblr Versions)

Tired and bored on your room? Well i got some ideas and inspiration on how to spice up your personal sanctuary/ territory/ so called your be...

Tired and bored on your room? Well i got some ideas and inspiration on how to spice up your personal sanctuary/ territory/ so called your bedroom! I've been searching different ideas and inspirations all over tumblr and I found some stuffs to be helpful on choosing ways to make your personal space a beautiful one. Imagine having a nice bedroom and It could be your ideal! I too have my own dream bedroom and you don't need to spend too much on fixing your room to make it beautiful their are ways which it can help to decorate and spice up your personal space. CLICK READ MORE IF YOU ARE INTERESTED!

I grabbed some pictures on tumblr and trust me this bedroom designs are the coolest! I've been planning to redecorate my room and for those who would like to redecorate your room, Well i guess this is plans and goals for this year. Most teenage girls wants a room that can satisfy their own style and how they can be happy and satisfied on having a beautiful room. Of course i too will share you my dream bedroom which is in my bucket list this 2015, It is a must for me because I'm growing up and I planned on having a nice room ever since.

There are a lot of rooms that can be a inspiration, But for me this are the best inspirations, 1. Indie/ Boho Bedroom 2. Simple/Basic Bedroom and 3. Any Style you want just pic a great color scheme and combination for your room. For me i would like to have a black and white color scheme or maybe a mint-white-black combination. There are way too many great schemes for your room. It can be your fav color mixed with black or white or something girly like pink.


Indie/ Boho style rooms are more likely having a hippie theme like the dream catchers, cool patterns, earth color scheme like brown,green,blue and the patterns which you see most on tumblr, Indie rooms are common on having collages on rooms it can be pictures, record album pictures or random things. I like the Indie because of the unique style and the patterns make the rooms beautiful, like the picture below.


Basic room styles are mostly white and black themes, Which is i love the most, This is good for great ambiance on your room and White color gives light to the room and it will never be dull to the eyes with the combination of black it is perfection! White and Black are simple color schemes but this colors are always the best combination. And Simply you can decorate anything on the walls and add up some frames. 

You can add decorations on you room like picture collages, heart collages, polaroid frames, lights, inspirational quotes, quote lettering on the walls and a lot more, There are a lot of DIY Videos on Youtube and It can help you on making stuffs/ decorations for your room. Having a nice, glam and well designed room is a must! and in my opinion it can help on how you can discipline yourself to clean and decorate your room. It's up to you on how you will design and decorate your own room. Everybody has their own style and Art! I hope you have learned something on what i featured! All the best on choosing and designing your rooms! Till the next post! 


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