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 It started from reading and knowing about good books to read and the interest to read that beautiful, artistic and mysterious covers of the books. In the past few years, reading was not my thing and I had no such interest on books like the novels. As I grew up into a teenage girl, the interest grew more and more because of the popularity of good novels and the attractive book cover design. My first novel was The Fault In Our Stars, A friend introduced me that certain book and i began to have the interest and bought the book. Upon my first reading it was a hard time to read it all along because I was not that into it at first and I had a long time to finish the book because I was too lazy. Fortunately, I finished the book and ended up crying because Gus died and Hazel was left alone. A sad ending but a very inspirational story.

As you can see almost all novel books I include in this book review is written by or the author was John Green. Who does not love John Green and his novels!?!? It is was too amazing too read and I love how he writes all about it and that lesson in each novel. I really adore him for his written work of art and as a teenager, I'am really interested in the topics of his novel. Hands down to John Green!

I suggest to read and read because it can really help you on how you see things and learning about lives and people. All of the stories contains a special key on what the author wants to showcase or to tell the readers in that story. Reading can also help you in your vocabulary and finding new words! That's why reading takes you anywhere (by imagining and words).

The things I love about this book is because it's about High School Love and Dealing with High School life. The two misfits Eleanor and Park are different personalities and in this book you will know about their lives and their perceptions. This book is a must read!

Although Paper Towns has a bad ending (in my opinion) and sorry for the spoiler (if you haven't read it yet). Papertowns has a strong mystery and lesson in it. Two people who are childhood friends then became strangers, Margo and Quentin. Margo loves mysteries and yeah she became one. Finding her was tough and the end of the story might let you feel down. 

The famous story of Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters. I think everybody knows about their love and cancer story. Their journey on life and knowing that Gus had die. As I said, It's a really sad ending but a very good story, two persons who fought their sickness and found love on each other but the end was not a happily ever after but a painful reality and the precious love they have for each other. Well, Gus was boyfriend goals af!

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