I'm back! It has been a long time since i blog or wrote something on my blog, been busy with school and other matters which i needed to concentrate to. Cheers to a successful and stressful Junior year journey! I have been through a lot this school year and especially I will be forever thankful to God for always guiding me through the way and the people who made it wonderful. It was a tough school year. Senior year coming, I must be tough enough and I hope good things will come the way. It's officially summer!! Finally! I will have more time to blog and write my thoughts! Feels good to take a rest and chill. The only thing is that the weather is extremely hot! Anyways, It can't stop me from enjoying summer. I have so many things to share and to do, I hope i can accomplish all of them this summer break.

Back to the topic, Did I really change my hair color? The answer is ... YES I DID! And the shade i chose was Golden Blonde. It is not fully colored from the roots because I want a ombre shade at the bottom, It's way far from what I want it to be but somehow I'm satisfied how it looked. It was a hard and fun decision but no one's stopping me! It's summer hahaha! x Well of course i need my parents consent and fortunately they agreed. But bye bye to my natural hair color! I still don't know what to do if it is already school time, I don't want to change my hair color again to black (since our school is very disciplinary, girls should be on a natural colored hair). I'm still deciding about it but i don't wanna stress out. I'am loving my new hair! 

Feels different to change my hair color but it looks cool and vibrant.
More confidence and self satisfaction. 

Love yourself and don't listen to what others say because you are who you are and
no one can stop you! Chin up and keep your head high and heart srtong!
Till the next post!! x

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