Wants and Long Term Goals

There are things that I want and I ask my parents to buy for me, But i mostly save money and buy the things that I want. In this blog post, ...

There are things that I want and I ask my parents to buy for me, But i mostly save money and buy the things that I want. In this blog post, I will share with you my wants and goals for this year. I started saving my money last January. And I need to push more on saving to be able to buy what I want. I don't want my parents to spent money for me this year and that's my new goal! It is always a great feeling buying what you want and spending the money you earned. I got a lot of things that I wanted to buy but I will just try to accomplish to buy them all. All is Well! :) Click Read More!


Baby G in White and Gold, I know this cost like 3k above, But Me and my Dad made an
agreement to this. He will buy this for me and P.S I really need a new watch,
I always wanted a Baby G and We'll see if this baby will be mine this year! 

Very first on the list, I really need a new phone and I need to upgrade! and Iphone 5 is
the best option for me, I really love how simple, elegant and great quality Iphone phones
has and I'm planning to get this after 3-5 moths i think. The first one I've been saving for.

Canon Camera is a must for the family and for me because for photography and
capturing happy moments with good quality, Parents are planning to be this hopefully
for our vacations, getaways, events etc. Our digi cam sucks, I swear and we need a good 
and HD camera! Hahaha. Our family wanted this for a long time now. 

Well we are going to books must haves! I've been searching good reads lately 
and I found this 21 Proms, I read a little info about this book, As I've read this is a 
really good book and a must read for persons who wants to feel some LOVE. Forever Single Here!
And the book has great feedbacks! So this is a MUST READ for Me! 

And Another Book that I read that has good book reviews, FOUR from Divergent
I love Divergent and Although I didn't read the books but I love the movie. This book is
about Four or Tobias and In this book you will know more about him! So this is also a

Another on my list is the Instax 7s, Yes a polaroid camera! A must have bacause it's
vintage and I want to own one and take pictures with films! Although the films are kinda expensive
I must limit taking pictures as well.

Last ones! NIKE KICKS! Roshe Run and Janoski
I might be changing my fav footwear this year cause VANS is too mainstream in school nowadays
So Nike are the best one's yet! this are the exact shoe designs i wanted to have and Nike
designs are the best one's! I swear! The 3rd Must Haves on my list and
I will have this SOON! 

I do not intend to brag and tell that i will get everything of this, This are just 
the one's i wanted and i will save up for this! :) and maybe i can accomplish my goals
for this year and be contented on what i can afford and on what i have!

Till the next post!

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