It's Summer! and another check for my bucketlist this 2015. A perfect summer getaway with my family. It was a happy, refreshing and fun ...

It's Summer! and another check for my bucketlist this 2015. A perfect summer getaway with my family. It was a happy, refreshing and fun summer vaction, Dipolog City and Dapitan City are the main places we have choose to visit. It is a week long vacation, full of fun, discoveries and a new to explore. Well it was the 2nd time I went to Dapitan City but this time it was a full knowing and I have seen a lot in Dapitan, We have to ride the rural bus to Dipolog and a wonderful service of Dakak to take us to Dapitan City which is an hour and a half away. I too have my OOTD's and I have packed less clothes, It is very hassle to bring heavy bags, Sorry not sorry! Haha. I only packed the must haves and the clothes i would wear comfortably. The summer vacation went well and It was a memorable one too.  Click Read More! x

I know some didn't went to some special places this summer, Don't be sad! There are a lot of ways to have fun this summer. You are free and of course you can really feel the summer heat! Spend the summer with fun, happiness and be positive always. But it is really sad to just stay at home and not spending time with your friends and stuck on your computer, It sucks right? and added by the BLACKOUTS! Don't worry! Get up and Start every each day right and full of happiness! :) x

It was a week break for me and my family, away from the city and just chillin' out with the sun, beach, pool and having some peace and breathe in the fresh air. And no chores and blackouts! Hahha. That's why i love vacations! Well in other ways it will be the time to spend with my family and have a little bond just for days and relax ourselves from all stress.

The place was magical! not literally magical but in kinda like a paradise for me. White sand, Clear water, Pools ugh how can i resist! a getaway that i could enjoy all of this! and plus Dakak has a very fine buffet if you avail their affordable packages! The buffet was great! I was pigging out way too much that time. I need to burn some fats! Haha. Visit Dakak for affordable and a luxurious experience and Indeed I tell you all the payment is worth! Plus you get to experience Glorietta/ Fantasyland! Great rides and I love the Festival Colors Show! Dakak is a must for a summer bucketlist! :) x

Here are my OOTD's, They are not that really much like a OOTD/ Well dressed But it's summer! It's summer the sun is out and I gotta grab my hw shorts and summer tops! x

Blue and White Stripes Blouse From Regatta, Denim Washed High Waisted Shorts From Peshoppe,
Gladiator Sandals from Parisian, Beige Polka Dot Sling Bag from Cose'

Ocean Pacific Rashguard, Shorts from a local department store.

Peter Pan Collar Red Blouse from Plains and Prints, Denim Washed HW Shorts from Penshoppe,
 Red Basic Shoes from Vans

Blue and White Strips Blouse from Regatta, Blue washed pants from an online shop
Red basic shoes from Vans

White 3/4 loose sleeves top from Penshoppe, High Waisted Pants from an Online Shop,
Red basic shoes from Vans

Thank you for reading my article! Till the next post! x :)

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