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A lot of women today are now focusing on their physical appearance basically the way they look, The fat and the insecurity of having a perfe...

A lot of women today are now focusing on their physical appearance basically the way they look, The fat and the insecurity of having a perfect body just like the Victoria Secret Angels. The truth is women should not think that getting a sexy body is the wonderful thing ever and be like those women who showcase the beautiful body and the body boys like. There is a quote "Love Yourself", Well the truth is you should! Chin up Girl! You don't wanna be a Barbie and end up looking your not Barbie at all. I know it's hard for women to accept the way they look because they are told fat, ugly, no curve, etc. It's either your decision to stay fit and healthy or people will accept the way you look. I better choose to stay fit and healthy! I may not have a 100 percent perfect body, I exercise to maintain and to stay fit and healthy, Either i maintain or lose weight atleast i stay healthy. I don't do exercise just because for my outer appearance, It is for the the better me and as a teen, I need exercise to regenerate my body and I'am young, Being healthy and fit is great! Either you achieve your desired body or stay fit. It is the right thing to have a goal and motivation. "There are no UGLY Girls, There are only LAZY Girls." If you want to achieve it, Aim for it! Don't tell yourself you are busy/ you have no time to do Exercise. If you try and do it, You will achieve it! It takes time and courage to have the body/ the fit body you want and patience for everything. Don't Be Lazy! Always help yourself to motivate. I have my everyday Fitness Routine and I will share this to you, I'd been doing this the whole summer, I do exercise for relaxation and It's Me Time! Don't pressure yourself! Have courage. I will give you Basic Tips and Exercises to help you Start! And learn more about on my Fitness Routine. CLICK READ MORE! x

I have my Fitness Routine and I do this everyday. The first time I started, It was great but I feel lazy doing the exercise, I stopped myself from thinking that I'am tired and I can't do it everyday. That is just from the start. But now since months past and I'am still working out at home and I have done my own set of exercises to do everyday and of course a meal plan! Before you start a fitness routine, Know more about your body, what are you aiming, and the guidelines. The first thing to do is I research about dieting, Well dieting should not be skipping meals or eating less! Metabolism is important. There are different kinds of diet, But the one i choose is the Water Diet. Well Water Diet is basically water,water,water. 8-12 glasses of water everyday, I drink 1 glass of water before eating, It will help to lessen the carbs, fat etc. Based on my experience, It works! Eat well, Drink Water and as much as possible stay away from JUNK FOODS! Try to engage yourself with fruits! Eat more sea foods like fish, peanuts, egg, lean meat, vegetables, fruits and food with carbohydrates. Do not skip meals! The most important is eat on Breakfast, because as said it is the very most important meal of the day. And drink more water! For exercise you shoul have a 30-50 minutes of exercise everyday, or every 3 days in a week.

Exercise can help your muscles and body to function well. This will help you sleep more better at night. Always remember when exercising, first you need to have a bottle of water and the space where you feel comfortable, Don't forget to stretch before you exercise! you don't wanna have body pain after you do exercise and Don't exercise when your stomach is empty, Eat first and after 2 hours or more you can now do the workout. Don't workout if you are full too. You don't wanna vomit will exercising! Haha. And of course the most important! Do cardio exercise 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes examples are this are running, walking, swimming, jumping rope and a lot more. Cardio exercise are important! Because it will help your muscles during when you do your normal routine of exercises.

I do this everyday for 35 minutes and 3 minutes Cardio Exercise.

You need to have a proper shoes for workout, Specifically sport shoes and be sure
it is comfortable. 

Have the proper outfit like the sports shorts and the sports shirt.
Buy the comfortable and affordable ones. It is not important 
to have the expensive ones. 
/Top from Adidas/

Be sure to tie up your hair either a ponytail or bun. But i prefer ponytail
You don't want your hair to bother you during exercise. 

1st. 3 minute exercise. Cardio exercise. 
Jumping Rope, I prefer this than running. It is good for the muscles of the body
and for the body to be more activate and a great thing is jumping rope helps you 
to lose those calories more. 

2nd. 35 minutes exercise
3 sets of 10- Girl Push ups
    3 sets of 10- Teapot Push ups
30 seconds - Arm twist forward
30 seconds- Arm twist backward
3 sets of 10- Left punches
3 sets of 10- Right punches
3 sets of 10- Left and Right punches

I watch on youtube. Just search
 Abs Workout 

I watch on youtube. Just search
Victoria Secret Workout. Watch the Leg Workout 

If I still have time i do more push ups and arm workouts because
I focus more in my arms for 10 minutes But the important thing
is you don't just do arm exercises, You should do the overall.


I have searched some exercise you can do! It is good for beginners and it can help you
This is a 20 day exercises and per day you have a set of exercises. Try it! :) x

/Credits To The One Who Owned This and Credits To The Idea./

I personally love all the exercises for each day and I will do it! Don't Skip and Do It Properly!
This is a great start and 20 days is great! You can do it! Stretch First and Bring Your Water! 

Hope you learned something on my article! Feel free to comment and send suggestions 
for articles! x Till the next 

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