Makeup Collection

I will blog about my makeup collection, It's not much or grand and I have no intention to brag on it or anything else. I just want to blog about my enthusiast on makeup and my eager to learn more on using this products and tools.

Basically, I have the basic needs/ Newbie essentials for makeup. Since I'am still not allowed to wear makeup everyday but I can use it occasionally. If you're wondering how good am I on makeup, Well to tell you, I'am still working on my skills and learning more through watching youtube videos and practicing sometimes. I still cannot make my eyebrows on fleek, eyeliner winged and flawless foundation. It's a struggle if you have morena/dark skin and I cannot find a perfect foundation for my face.

Through the years of curiosity and learning, I too have learned more and more! I collect makeup because it's not just a "girl thing" but a passion, I still need to collect more and practice more! It takes time and youtube videos.

I badly want to try the Kissproof Lip in Nude Colors and Kylie's Lip Kit which is very fine af!
Mac cosmetics, Benefit, Maybelline, Urban Decay are big names in the cosmetics industry globally.

This foundation is nearly to my face tone but a little lighter, Until now I'm still in struggle to find the right foundation for my face and It's hard to find a fair dark color. You don't want to look like a "White Lady" Hahaha! It must blend well to your skin and consider the undertones.

Concealer is a must to conceal the spots and face problems (eye bags, pimples, red spots etc)
Conceal is a part for a flawless output, It must be a shade lighter than your normal foundation.

If you don't want a heavy coverage, you can just use bb cream for daily use and like the foundation and concealer, It must be perfect/blends well to your face tone.

Pressed powder sets everything! 

This 3 in 1 shadow pallete is very convenient and easy to bring, Various colors and selections. Very handy!

Additional to the eyeshadow and plus the Highlight. It helps in based color and to make you look awake and shining.

Of course! We need to curl our lashes before putting on the mascara. Just be careful on putting it to your lashes.

I'm not really a fan of collecting mascaras but I still need to add 2 more for variation and I want to try other kinds of mascara like the one's in Maybelline.

Be sure to get Nichido's Brow Gel! It's really amazing and I love how it makes my brows that on fleek! Amazing thing eveeer! Very affordable and a product which is worth buying for your eyebrow game strong.

My brushes are still not yet complete and I still need the other brushes like for contouring. I only have the basic one's and this brushes are very handy!

Lastly, The Lipsticks! It's not that much because I badly want to buy and try that Kissproof set of lippies and MAC cosmetic lipsticks. But I'm still saving up and planning to buy when I'm in vacation next week. I heard that MAC cosmetics is now on SM Seaside Cebu! I'm excited!

Been wanting to buy more and I'm still saving up! Do you know products worth the try? Comment down below on the comment box and maybe i can make a review about the products :) Till the next post! x

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