Vacation 2016: Queen City Of The South

Last April 24, 2016, My family and I traveled to Cebu and Bohol. This photo was taken while we were on air and departure to Cebu. The time of our flight was 8;45 am and Thank God! The sky was so majestic that day and It was amazing. 

Upon arriving at the Mactan Cebu International Airport, we rushed to the Port of Cebu to depart to Bohol and visit my grandma's hometown which is in Maribojoc, Bohol Tagbilaran. We still need to aboard a ocean jet for us to reach the place. It was a 1 hour and a half ride and I love the waves and watching the big body of water ( The Ocean). 

Visited the house of Pres. Carlos P. Garcia in Tagbilaran Bohol and the house was full of antiques and historical stuffs and learning about the late President and his family in that historical house.

After the house tour, We walked to the Tagbilaran Bohol Museum and more facts, history and information about the place, tarsiers, people, churches and the Mga makata/ heroes. 

We visited the church of the place and it was in construction because of the 2013 earthquake. Good thing that they try to fix it again and I would to visit it again if the church is already finished from the repairs and reconstructions.

After a 2 day trip in Bohol, We travel to Cebu again until the week and the city was so busy and traffic was a big problem too.

A trip to Cebu is not complete if you din't visit the Basilica De Sto. Nino Church, a lot of devotees and fellow Catholics are here and praying to the Sto. Nino. They believe that it is Miraculous and Majestic. It's the patron saint of Cebu.

A picture with the Church/ Basilica, as you can see there were a lot of people around. A photo with my brother and the wonderful church. Thank you lord! 

You can't miss a photo with the Magellan's Cross, It's located near the Basilica and the City Grounds, the cross is famous for its historical background and Catholic history.

Simala Church is a go-to if you visit Cebu, It's a 2-3 hour ride and you can hire a taxi to go to the place and see the majestic structure and everything is just nice around the place. 

A lot of devotees are here from different parts of the country. People pray and worship the miraculous Mama Mary and the rich historical memory in this place.

Of course I can't miss out shopping! SM Seaside is the 2nd Biggest Mall in the Philippines and believe it was really gigantic and a huge place around. It's a good place for shopping, dining, chilling and just relaxing around the mall.

Visited the New Robinsons in PH ( Robinsons Galleria ) I love the place and the grocery area was mind blown! Since the mall is still new some stores are not yet open.

The giant guitar in Robinsons Galleria, It was amazing! The guitar was filled with flowers all over it!

That's all for my Cebu trip! Although It was only a week but I felt relaxed for awhile and finally I get to visit my hometown and the place me and my parents love! Thank you Queen City Of The South! Till the next travel! See you soon Cebu!

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